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- luxusních vnitřních dveří
- individuálního interiérového zařízení
- vestavných skříní, bytového nábytku
- solitérů
- obalované podlahové lišty
- seriová výroba obložkových zárubní

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey The system objectives to achieve aesthetic oral perfection and proportional perfection between gums, lips and tooth. It affords a solution for tooth’s congenital, formal, and practical issues. In addition to the beautification of the external aesthetic look, this technique fill the empty spaces among enamel, which removes the chewing troubles. This treatment is performed efficiently in Turkey. BestAwarded Hollywood Smile Through Cosmetic Teeth Design Since teeth affect a person’s seems at once, they should be designed specially for each patient to gain a Hollywood Smile. During teeth layout, those factors need to be taken into consideration: The frontal tooth function. The size of tooth. The shade and form of teeth. The gum appearance. Hollywood Smile ambitions to make the incisors clearer than different tooth. Incisors should be in a great role and a positive percentage of them ought to be visible at the same time as talking. With this manner, the gum is reshaped too. Ideally, approximately 2 cm of the gum have to be visible throughout speech. More of the gums being visible at some point of speech is considered aesthetically displeasing.

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